Sell Your Property Now

With the dedicated, trustworthy and caring Linprop team on your side you will get the best possible price or tenant for your property - with the least possible hassle.

Need to sell your property?

When you appoint Linprop as an agent to sell your property you can rest assured that:

  • Sufficient time and effort have been spent on pricing your property correctly - which vastly improves the chances of achieving its maximum asking price. We are knowledgeable and thorough in our valuation. Even though we have a very good idea of a property’s value when we see it for the first time, this initial opinion is tested by means of a well-researched Comparative Market Analysis. The hours spent on this always pay off - we very seldom sell a property for less than 95% of the estimated market value.
  • A specific marketing strategy will be developed for your property and will be reassessed when necessary. We make full use of technology as a marketing tool, but still believe that nothing beats personal contact.
  • Your property’s availability will be quickly brought to the attention of a large, targeted audience. We have an active database of potential buyers with whom we communicate regularly by means of email. In the interest of our sellers, we network with agents from all over the country who share the same ethics.
  • Your privacy will be respected. We will always give you adequate notice and request an appointment if we want to introduce a buyer to the property.
  • You will only be introduced to qualified prospects. We do not try to impress sellers with the number of prospects we introduce, but rather by matching the buyer to the property. Through experience we have learned that the best offer on a property will be made by the buyer whose requirements are most closely matched to what the property offers.
  • You will receive regular and informative feedback. We give regular feedback to our sellers during the marketing process, and keep regular contact until the transfer is affected.
  • Your interests will be our number one priority. If we have a sole mandate, we will accept introductions from any other agent who may have a buyer interested in the property.
  • The security of your property, you and your family is of utmost importance to us. We have measures in place to ensure that buyers introduced to your property, whether by appointment or on show days, do not present a security risk.
  • Your feelings will be considered. We understand that selling a home is an emotional process for most people, and we aim to be supportive and act with empathy throughout the process of marketing, selling and transfer.
  • You will receive assistance with every aspect of the sale of your property. We assist with practical matters like preparing the property for the market, electricity compliance certificates, pest control certificates, and the closing of water and electricity accounts.